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Title: Problems And Prospects In Exploiting Computer Technology As A Tool For Learning
Author: Muterd Geturu (Ph.D)

The gl The global swing towards a knowledge based society has seen the role of ICTs in education becoming increasingly important. Zimbabwean education system is among the best in the continent and this achievement ought to be strengthened by the use of ICT in education. The study focused on ascertaining determinants of different levels of computer use at selected schools in Makoni East District in Zimbabwe and to find out whether teachers and heads appreciated the rationale behind establishment of computer studies in their schools. The study was qualitative in nature and relied on interviews and use of the questionnaire. Using the theoretical lenses of the Modernisation Theory, the study revealed that the use of computers for pedagogical purposes is very low. Basing on this, the research recommends a multi sectoral approach involving government, private sector, parastatals and other stake holders to ensure that the education sector benefits from the new technology. Keywords: Computer technology, I.C.T, Cyber world, digital divide, Knowledge based Society, digital revolution.... more

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