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Title: Study Of The Trace Elements Of Kidney Stones In Fallujah City/Iraq
Author: Jamahi Nadhi (Ph.D) & Kamit Zulamiu

The cu The current paper aims to identify the concentrations of major and trace elements in 20 sample kidney stones in Fallujah, Iraq. These elements were estimated using ICP-MS method and X-ray diffraction were used for mineral structures. The study showed that there are six mineral groups (Calcium Oxalate, Cholesten, Phosphate, Uricite, Uricite and Calcium and Mixed stone). Ca is the main constituent of kidney stone because Calcium is the highest concentrations of other the elements (6.75%). and it is Concentrated in the stones of Calcium Oxalate and Calcium Phosphate. P is the main component of Phosphate with a concentration of all kidney stones (0.715%). The groups of calcium oxalate and Phosphate contain large amounts of trace elements; especially Zn and Sr. There are high quantities of Mn in Cholesten because the manganese plays an important role in the metabolic pathway of amino acids, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The results indicated that concentrations of these elements in kidney stones depend on the type of mineral aggregates that form the kidney stones. Keywords: Kidney stone. Cholesten, Trace element, Fallujah, Iraq.... more

Title: Analysis Of The Geomorphology And Morphometry Of The Neugal Watershed Using Geographical Information System (GIS) Tools
Author: Gevel O. (Ph.D) & Handrui E. (Ph.D)

An att An attempt has been made to study the detailed geomorphology and morphometric characteristics of the Neugal Watershed, which is a part of the Beas River Basin, in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. For detailed study of this watershed, geographical information system (GIS) was used in the evaluation of slope, linear stream ordering and relief aspects of morphometric parameters and also in presentation of geomorphological subdivisions of the basin. Surface Tools in ArcGIS-10 software and ASTER (DEM) were used in the preparation of watershed boundary, slope-aspect and different thematic maps like drainage density, slope and relief. More than eight morphometric parameter of different aspects have been computed. It is observed that the stream frequency decreases as the stream order increases and the densities of 1st order streams are higher in the northern, southern and south-eastern part of the Neugal watershed area. Based on the relationship between absolute and relative relief in the study area, it can be indicated that the relative relief increases with the increase in the absolute relief and shows active correlation. In Neugal watershed, the slope is controlled by the structure, and the erosional processes which have resulted in varied landform leading to environmental hazards. Keywords: Morphometric parameters, Geomorphological analysis, Neugal watershed, Relief, Environmental hazards.... more

Title: Estimation Of Different Types Of Soil Conditioner And Its Effects On The Soil Sodicity And Salinity
Author: Fomad Yalah (Ph.D)

The so The soil salinity and sodicity collectively are the major problems in the soils of Pakistan and proved a continuous threat for the sustainability of agriculture. A pot study was planned to ameliorate such problematic soils and for this purpose different soil conditioners were used viz. gypsum @ 39.078 g pot-1 soil gypsum requirement, Citric acid (CA) @ 29.067 g pot-1, H2SO4 @ 11.24 ml pot-1 and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) @ 19.98 g pot-1 and control without any amendment and wheat was grown as a test crop. The results showed that maximum decrease in pH and SAR were 8.31 and 12.04 (mmol L-1)1/2 by application of H2SO4 and citric acid respectively. Similarly H2SO4 and citric acid treatment show significant results related to crop growth and yield. The maximum plant height (63.33cm), number of tillers (4.63), photosynthetic rate ((2.83 μmolm-2s-1), transpiration rate (0.63 molm-2s-1), stomata conductance (0.53 molm-2s-1), were by application of H2SO4. while the results related to grain yield were as maximum grain yield by H2SO4 was (15.67 g) and minimum grain yield was observed with control (6.73g). Moreover the decrease in grain yield was as H2SO4 (9.98 g) > citric acid (8.33 g) > PVA (7.36 g) > gypsum (6.12 g) > control (5.53g). From this experiment it was concluded that H2SO4 showed quick impact on soil physicochemical properties and growth parameters but gypsum and citric acid were long term and sustainable source to reclaim and to make saline-sodic soils more productive as compare to other soil conditioners. Keywords: soil conditioners, amelioration, saline-sodic soil.... more

Title: Improvement Of The Central Kalimantan Peat Swamp Forest
Author: Homad Jaim (Ph.D)

Peat s Peat swamp forests are one type of swamp forest that is specific and fragile ecosystems. In order peatland forest ecosystem formed thousands of years, no damage then peatland management should be done wisely by considering the social, economic and cultural as well as ecological functions that peat swamp forest conservation can be guaranteed. This perspective is directly correlated with the paradigm of sustainable forest management. The paradigm explains that the use of natural resources based on the moral ethics that human and nonhuman components are subject to utilization with respect moral and responsible for human rights in addition to the biotic community, and abiotic that still exist and thrive naturally, so it does not compromise the use of " the integrity, stability and beauty" ecosystem. Dayak Ngaju who resided in forest and peatland in Central Kalimantan have noble values and local wisdom to the development of community forests in forest areas and peatlands. Moral behavior is implemented through the cultural norms carried by generations to support the success of the planting. This study tries to explore the values contained in the Dayak Ngaju cultural norms for development of comunity forests. Dayak Ngaju community forest development start of cultivation. To ensure the success of planting, Dayak Ngaju very concerned about forest site selection will be opened with a consideration of the physical condition of the land,, which is given by the sign of the animals, and natural phenomena. Each activity in the development of community forests, ranging from land clearing, burning, planting, maintenance and harvesting time very concerned about governance. Dayak Ngaju people do in community forest development activities of mutual cooperation, better known as handep, namely employment with other farmers when working back breaking new ground. Based on the structure and composition of the forest vegetation of the people belonging to the community forest is not purely dominated by rubber sap its main results, and based on the diversity of species diversity in the types being classified with the value 2.4336. Estimated revenue generated from private forest landowners in the region of ex PLG Central Kalimantan in 2010 was Rp.31,898,257.67/ha/year. Keyword: dayak ngaju, handep, structure and vegetation composition, and diversity. ... more

Title: Controlling Irrigation Water In Southern Tunisia
Author: Rah Uror & Sarei Ditey

Althou Although the available water resource is sufficient, it doesnt manage to satisfy the requirements of practiced crop (mainly date palms) in the small continental oasis Lazala (75 ha) situated in the South of Douz (Southern Tunisia). Indeed, the oasis showed a low frequency of water delivery turn for the whole irrigated surface (especially in summer). This incited us to evaluate the irrigation performance. To reach this objective, a comparative survey of the features of exploited water resource (60 l/s), the crop water requirements, the proprieties of irrigation network and the water management within the plots has been undertaken. The flow rate measurements that were carried along the hydraulic network and the spatial and temporal following of water management in some plots (experimental plots) during the 2012/13 irrigation season showed a poor overall irrigation efficiency (Eo = 28.41 %), a relatively low water application efficiency (Ea = 44.6 %) and a moderate value of water distribution uniformity (DU = 67 %) which are related mainly to the context of the region (climatic conditions and soil type), the technical dysfunctions of the hydraulic infrastructure and the individual farmer’s practices within the plots (high irrigation duration, absence of water-saving systems in many irrigated areas and the bad land leveling). Keywords: irrigation efficiency, oasis, Southern Tunisia, water management.... more

Title: Production And Welfare Of Catfish And Its Impact On Household Economy
Author: Foew J. (Ph.D), Drurek Heiu & Kirel Gahel

This s This study aimed to analyze correlation of varies decision on household economy of catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) farmer, and formulate alternatives policies to increase production and improved household welfare of farmers. Total of 83 household sample of catfish farmer in 6 villages of 2 sub-districts in Minapolitan Area, Banjar Regency was simple randomly selected. The household’s economic model of catfish farmer is built of 22 simultaneous equations by develop theory of Agricultural Household Models. We used regression analysis of two stage least square (2SLS) and simulation models. The results show that linkage of varies decisions impact on household economic improvement of catfish farmers, except for an increase in stocking density that will be followed by the increase in the number and cost of feed. Consequently, household income is becoming lower. Selected alternative policies for increasing production and improved farmer’s welfare is a combination of pond extension, application of improved farming technologies, subsidizing the price of pellet feed, and education subsidies. Keywords: catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus), economy model, farmer, household.... more

Title: Major Cause Of Climate Change And Natural Disasters On The Earth
Author: Shamad Alimu T. (Ph.D)

Natura Natural disaster have a number of root causes, but today with global warming, natural disasters have as their root cause, the change in the environment triggered by increasing differences in heat and cold. Greenhouse gases increase overall temperatures and this is masked by particles that contribute to global dimming. At the local level, global dimming causes drops in temperature and in areas where this is not the major factor, temperatures increase. As the atmosphere seeks to balance extremes, violent weather phenomena that contribute to natural disasters become more frequent. The results are more floods, drying leading to fire-storms, high winds, unseasonal freezes, ice-pack break up and meltdown, super hurricanes and rising sea levels that are a significant proportion of natural disasters today. Other natural disasters like tsunamis, solar dimming, volcanoes and impacts from space are not man made at this point in history and these will be not considered here. It comes as no surprise to many people today that there are records. In this article I have pointed out the main reason why the world weather is behaving rough. Keywords: Environment, disaster, electrolyte, balances etc.... more

Title: The Understanding Of Cancer Patients Attendants In Hyderabad To Their Diet Therapy
Author: Faliyto Gaiti

This s This study was conducted to assess the knowledge level of attendants of cancer patients regarding cancer diet therapy since diet therapy for cancer patients will help them to regain strength, overcome the side effects of cancer therapies and aid better quality of Life. The objectives of the study were (i) to assess the level of the knowledge about the diet therapy among attendants of cancer patients in Indo-American Cancer hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and (ii) to seek correlation of selected variables with the level of knowledge regarding diet therapy among attendants of cancer patients. The population in the present study includes attendants of cancer patients between the ages of 25-55 years admitted in Indo-American Hospital. The data for the main study was collected from 10-9-2009 to 13-9-2009 in Indo American Cancer Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Sample size was 30 patients and simple random sampling technique was felt appropriate as study was done on cancer patients who can read and write English and Telugu. The statistics used for the study was descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage) and data was interpreted. The sample characteristics were taken in accordance with the age, gender, marital status, educational status and monthly income. The findings related to knowledge revealed that 26.66% of the samples are having below average knowledge, 70% of the samples are having average knowledge and 3.33% of the samples are having above average knowledge levels. Mean knowledge score was higher in people having monthly income >Rs.9000. Hence it is recommended that all the attendants of cancer patients must be given adequate planned teaching program to contribute to prognosis of cancer patients. Keywords: Diet therapy, cancer patients, knowledge, alternative therapy, good nutrition ... more

Title: Mobile Database Technology And Main Memory Database Systems
Author: Aburuotu, E. C. & Asagba P. O.

Recent Recent advances in digital device technology and connectivity have paved the way for next generation applications that are data-driven, whose data can reside anywhere securely, can be accessed at any time remotely and from any smart device. This work focuses on the integration of application interface that manages automatic updates in a developed mobile database and the advantages it have brought to the mobile users in this 21st century. The aim of this work is to integrate an application interface capable of carrying out application and data updates across the mobile database systems. The objective is to review the existing mobile database technologies, the advantage of the mobile database systems, main-memory databases and the integration of the application interface on the mobile database. These trends lead to applications that are mobile, embedded, and data-centric. Waterfall methodology was adopted as a software development design method. This methodology supports the process of development of the work and the application. The mobile database system in the context of this work was developed using SQLite. SQLite is relational database development application that contains a lighter version of SQL designed for mobile computing. At the end of the research, databases administrators and application developers can easily automate updates on the mobile databases to enable mobile users such as salespersons, reporters, doctors, administrators and others to update retrieve and review data on the move, anytime and anywhere. Keywords: Main Database, Mobile Database, SQLite, Database Management System (DBMS), Mobile Computing.... more

Title: Negative Impact Of Heavy Metals On The Health Of Residents Within Eldoret Area Of Kenya
Author: Angela Turele, Esther Rijara, Jonah Hurel & Dyle Gad

Heavy Heavy metals were analyzed in soils, food crops and male scalp hair samples collected from two age group subjects; adults (18 - 45 years) and old age (46 - 55 years) males from polluted and relatively less polluted areas in Eldoret Municipality environs, Kenya. The samples used were collected from same sites as the individuals who had stayed in the sampled regions for more than five years. The samples were digested using acids and analyzed using Atomic Absorbtion Spectrometry (AAS). The results revealed that the consumption of food crops grown on contaminated soils have significantly increased the concentrations of selected metals in the human hair. Pd and Cd concentrations in soils and food crops showed elevated levels above the WHO recommended limits. Pb, Cd, Cr, Cu, and Zn concentrations were significantly higher (p < 0.05) in male scalp hair samples collected from polluted area as compared to control area. In conclusion, consumers in the study area are exposed to high health risks associated with bioaccumulation of heavy metals through ingestion of heavy metals resulting from contamination of food crops grown in the study area and should be sensitized on the dangers of heavy metals on their health. Keywords: bioaccumulation; heavy metals; male scalp hair; food crops.... more

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