1. RIK Journals are International Journal or not?
RIK Journals are International Journals.

2. What is review type of RIK Journals?
RIK Journals follow double blind peer review process for selecting only best quality papers.

3. Whether RIK Journals are indexed Journals or not?
RIK Journals are widely indexed Journals. RIK Journals published papers are indexed in world top indexing like Google scholar, OCLC World Cat, United States, Bibliography of Asian Studies, ABS Academic Journal Quality Guide, Ulrich Periodicals Directory, EBSCO Information Service, International Bibliography of Social Sciences, etc.

4. RIK Journals are online Journal or Print Journal?
RIK Journals publish paper online and hard copy (print version) both.

5. When we will get hard copy of Journal?
Hard copy of Journals are gotten 14 days after request by author(s),except on special occasion or express demand by author(s).

6.Are hard copies of Journal compulsory?
Hard copy of Journal is only sent when requested by author.

7. What is the Impact Factor of RIK Journals?
You can check our website for our journals impact factor

8. How we can submit our paper?
Papers can be submitted in three ways:
1.through the submission link on our website
2.directly to our email address: rikjournals@gmail.com
3.by clicking ‘Add paper’ on the dashboard of a registered member
(Note: For registered members only)

9. How can we register and login on the website?
To register; click on ‘My Account’ on the homepage and follow the instructions there. To login click on ‘My Account’ and select the login button.

10. Is there a maximum limit for number of authors?
Maximum number of author may be up to 5.

11. Is there any page limit for paper?
Maximum page may be up to 30.

12. When we have to pay publication fees?
You have to pay publication charges after the acceptance of paper.

13. What are the publication charges?
$130 for Online Publication only.
$180 for Online and Print Publication.

14. How we can pay fees?
You can pay through the payment link on our site and on your dashboard (for registered users)

15. How can we know our paper have been published?
You will be informed via your mail and on your dashboard (for registered users)

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